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Motion Graphics: Make Your Message Stand Out.


In today’s fast paced world your primary goal is to get the audience’s attention. Motion graphics is a creative dynamic medium with storytelling that is proven to engage the audience with your message. Animated motion graphics can convey concepts and ideas that are more difficult to communicate with only words or illustrations, which is why it is dynamic.

Motion graphics can take something bland and bring energy to it.

Consider your company’s brand and marketing materials, when a potential client clicks on your website or opens your email are they required to read a lot of words to know who you are and what you’re about? Too often marketing your message through avenues that require too much time investment from a potential client will inevitably not yield results. It is important to grab their immediate attention. Dynamic marketing is moving in the direction of digital advertising and motion graphics is the creative platform.

There are several benefits for utilizing motion graphics in your marketing to consider:



Motion graphics allow you to deliver your message while allowing the images to explain the details of your message. For example, attempting to explain how a company offers cloud storage using only words can be conceptually confusing for the audience. Using motion graphics allows the company to creatively explain how it works in a way that engages the audience with clarity. Here is an example of how motion graphics offers clarity of a concept.




Lights. Camera. Action! Have you ever been on a production set? Lighting, audio, multiple cameras, actors, directors, etc., all make up the elements of creating film spots. Motion graphics can allow for a much less involved process to create a message. It also gives the designer the creative latitude to visually design all the elements involved and apply animation to make those images come to life. The designer is also able to create elements that you cannot capture with a camera.




The average person sees over 3000 ads each day according to Yankelvich Research, so investing in your marketing efforts through animation is not only important but will maximize your marketing dollars. Motion graphics is a popular and engaging platform that gets the attention of your audience in under a minute of their time while communicating a page worth of information. The use of images, animation, and audio narrative allow the audience to hear the message while the images communicate the same written message through a more creative dynamic. Here is an example of introducing VA Loans in a more dynamic way that engagesthe audience.



The elements involved in designing an animated motion graphic are potentially more affordable because the process can be less involved. There are no actors, no lighting, no cameras and no hours in the editing room. You pay for the time of the designer, animator, and voice over, which saves dollars in your marketing budget while at the same time getting a dynamic and creative marketing message.


Motion graphics is a valuable tool in marketing and provides you the ability to stand out. As marketing and advertising grows potential clients anticipate that competitors will also get creative in their efforts to deliver their message. Utilizing motion graphics on your website, in an email, on social media and other venues will allow your clients to know you take your company and product seriously by utilizing creative and digital platforms to enhance the experience of your clients. You also maximize your efforts by communicating your message in a dynamic, engaging, and time sensitive platform that will open a door for interaction with your client.

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