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Since the Middle Ages monks have pursued the art of transforming earthly treasures into heavenly masterpieces; brewing is one such art. Monks living in monasteries have fermented the fruit of various grains into some of the finest beers on earth & thankfully this tradition continues as several Trappist orders still partake in the mystery of fermentation. Their practices have inspired many who have sampled their work. The Funky Monk is one such inspired individual.

For years the Funky Monk pursued practices leading to a deeper understanding of Creation; seeking the heart of the Divine. As he learned to enjoy the fruits of fermentation he discovered what the Trappist Monks had discovered long ago; Brewing your own beer is Rock & Roll to the Soul! Thus the seed of Funky Monk Brewing was planted.

His pursuit in excellence has resulted with the liquid gold available to enjoy. Innovation rooted in tradition. At the table do we experience a slice of Heaven.

– The Funky Monk Brew Company

(So The Funky Monk isn’t a commercial brewery. At Orange Floor we love beer & creativity, which naturally led to: Homebrewing! After crafting several award winning beers & sharing them with our friends we thought: Why not do for our “brewery” what we can do for any business; make a quality brand & market it. That’s what we did & it’s been a very effective & fun way to introduce a ton of people to what Orange Floor does. When you think of The Funky Monk, hopefully you’ll first ┬áthink good beer & then what Orange Floor Studio can do for your business.) The Monk Approves of this message! Cheers.