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Web Design/Development:

Our services are organized to give your company the right web platform and implementation to promote your business effectively on the web. We have several packages to help narrow down what your potential web development project budget could look like.


Standard Web Design & Development: We can develop any particular website regardless of size for your business or organization that portrays current web standards and interface design.

Custom Web Design & Development: We can develop fully custom websites that break the rules a little or a lot when it comes to web standards. Sometimes creativity is a must and we always enjoy the challenge.

eCommerce: Online storefronts are highly effective. We can develop a standard eCommerce storefront or a more advanced storefront utilizing national and international implementations. We are skilled in most widely used storefront tools.

Depending on your needs and the size of your company, we will provide the right solution for your business.

Search Engine Optimization: We keep up with the current trends and implementations with this never-ending, always changing useful marketing strategy when indexing your site to the top search engines . We provide an honest and realistic result of SEO services. Whether its by monthly maintenance plans or a one time service.

Responsive Design / Implementation: With so many using mobile and tablet devices, we think responsive implementation is a must. We provide the tools and techniques to make your site adaptive.

Social Media Implementation: News feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Whatever your social media platform is, we can implement an effective bridge between your website and your specific social media platforms.

Content Management Systems:

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, (all PHP Based)

WordPress is probably the most widely used CMS out there. We generally recommend this CMS to clients that will be maintaining their own websites after the development process. There are a vast amount of tools and plugins that WordPress provides that continue to keep the CMS user friendly. We can work with current developed CMS’s or help strategically plan the best option.

Other services include:



Development overview:

Typically we develop on a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP5) for server side. We have had mixed results with sites running on a WIMP stack (Windows/IIS/MySQL/PHP), usually it requires additional setup and troubleshooting to get things stable. Client sides: We use and have had the best result with HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript.  


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